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 Selvadore and   Tuuli

We have been playing     together for over 30 years!

Selvadore and Tuuli
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This is our Brahms & Schumann CD

"As far as it comes to rock-solid and accurate intonation in every register, sumptuous phrasing, and
impeccable co-operation, I recall no recording that could beat the present release by Selvadore and
Tuuli Rähni. The producer and sound engineer is Andreas Neubronner of the multiple Grammy-
winning studio Tritonus. In short, the present CD has all what it takes to be the new reference
recording of Brahms's Clarinet Sonatas".
Aare Tool, Sirp (The Estonian Cultural Weekly), July 31, 2015.

Sometimes I play piano too. Here are some of my solos for some Icelandic songs.

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